existing building situation

Feasibility study "Alternative Utilization of a Multi-storey Building in Frankfurt/Main"


In the third term project, we examined the prospects for further utilization of a 1970s Deutscher Verein property in Frankfurt am Main, for which a high level of maintenance and repair work was necessary.
Specific requirements resulted from the heritable building rights attaching to the site, combined with Deutscher Verein's sales price expectations.
After a detailed market and cost/benefit analysis, we defined on this basis a concept for the specialised senior citizens properties market, in the form of a combination of supervised residential units and an old persons' home. The essential precondition was at least partial demolition of existing buildings. The result was a feasible project including an exit strategy and the positive project profit achievable, which we unveiled to Deutsche Verein at a project presentation in Frankfurt on February 27th, 2004.