Project period:


Environment Project Controlling
2001 - 2003
a) DB Station Services AG
b) DB Services Immobilien GmbH
c) Vivico Real Estate
Project Manager for the engineering consultancy
Prof. Burkhardt GmbH Co.

Lehrter Station Berlin

The new Lehrter Station stands at the intersection of all the rail routes passing through Berlin. This fulcrum of the future European rail hub Berlin is to open as a central interchange point in 2006. The Federal Republic of Germany, the Land Berlin and DB has been busy creating a future orientated rail infrastructure since the 1990s. The urban development of the entire Lehrter district is dominated, in particular, by the building of the Lehrter city centre station with its rail connections and the new underground routing of the B 96 highway. An important target within this complex environment is assurance of rapid economic development and marketing for the sites owned by the other participating investors.