Savings Banks' Financial Center Erfurt

A modern administrative centre and academy for the Hessen Thüringen S Finance Group has been completed, following a five year planning and construction period, on the site of the former Benary seed nursery in the south eastern district of the city of Erfurt.
This centre incorporates a range of different utilizations, such as office and administrative space, the academy's classrooms and lecture theatres, a boarding house for course participants, common use amenities, such as a restaurant, cafeteria, kitchen, conference halls and an underground car park, plus equipment and auxiliary facilities.
The building complex, with its diverse utilizations, intermeshed functions and high technical demands blends harmoniously into the predominantly urban surroundings.


Project period:
Project Management
1994 - 1997
OFB Projektentwicklungs GmbH
Project Manager for the engineering consultancy Prof. Burkhardt GmbH & Co.