University Clinic Rudolf Virchow

Project period:
Project Controlling
1979 - 2002
Sen Stadt Berlin
Project Manager for the engineering consultancy Prof. Burkhardt GmbH & Co.

The new clinic is structured in conformity with the historic layout. The specialist surgical departments are located mainly to the south of the central boulevard, while the conservative departments and the gynaecological and paediatric clinics are positioned to its north.
The southern and northern belts of buildings are linked via a main transverse route in the basement to the adjacent x ray diagnosis centre. This underground access system connects all the clinic buildings, eliminating the need for outdoor movements; the peripheral central amenities, such as the kitchens, laundry centre and refuse collecting centre are also reached via this system.

  • Expansion of tunnel system and conversion of central stores
  • Conversion of the Special Surgery clinic
  • Infrastructural modifications
  • New central research and teaching facilities
  • New buildings for the gynaecological and paediatric clinic and the Faculty of Internal Medicine
  • Expansion of the Dermatology building
  • Conversion of the children's building, Pavilion 20